Quench Drinking Fountains

The purpose of the Quench drinking fountains is to provide an alternate way for staff and faculty to have clean accessible water, without the consumption of non-renewable resources. Unlike other water coolers, Quench does not waste plastic bottles. With these stations in accessible office areas around SEAS, we have seen a dramatic decrease in individual plastic water bottles. Since implementing these stations, we have diverted tens of thousands of non-reusable plastic bottles.

Smart Strips

To reduce the amount of energy consumed by SEAS, the Green Team has issued smart strips to offices. This type of power strip works differently from regular strips by synchronizing the turning off of devices. If there are any questions concerning how to us the Smart Strips, please email the Green Team.

Green Office Certification

We spend a significant amount of time in our offices and, as a result, these spaces consume much more energy than we would like them to. Luckily, there are ways to reduce our footprint while remaining productive and ultimately enjoy a healthier environment.

The Penn Sustainability Office has developed a certification process to help aid our faculty and staff in their green efforts. The program works off of a point system that places participating offices on one of 4 levels with the 4th being the most sustainable. There are 7 categories to gain points from including Waste, Purchasing, Energy, Water, Indoor Air Quality and Human Health, Transportation, and Involvement. By following the Green Office Certification Checklist, you can see just how green your office really is and also learn small steps that you can take to work more sustainably.