Penn Engineering Recycling Options

Recycling Center

The recycling center was put forth in 2012 to bring awareness to the Penn Engineering community about the alternative purposes for our waste. Since its creation, the recycling center has successfully diverted thousands of pounds of waste from landfills. The Penn Engineering community must be more conscientious when disposing of plastics and mixed paper products, which make up most of our waste stream. From these actions, we hope that those within the school will be inspired to continue these sustainable practices wherever they go.

Need help locating the Recycling Center? Please refer to one of our wayfinding maps. You can use the Levine North Building Map or the SEAS Complex Map.


Acceptable Recycling Items:

All light bulbs- both CFLs and Incandescent

Books- hard cover and magazines

Electronics- anything that can be plugged in

All cardboards

All types of pens and markers

Styrofoam that is clean of any previous waste

Battery Recycling

Batteries must be bagged properly to avoid chemical reactions between batteries. Click here for the battery recycling locations map.

The following are not accepted:

Lead acid

Nickel Cadmium

All tampered and altered batteries

SEAS Copy Center (IKON)

Recycles ink and toner

Located next door to  Recycling Center

CETS in Suite 160 Levine

Currently a holding cell for old technology