Building + Space Sustainability Certifications

LEED Certifications at Penn Engineering

Certified Level
Singh Center for Nanotecchnology Gold
3537 Locust Walk M&T Gold
Pennovation Gold
Towne Building 1st Floor Silver
Levine North Basement Silver
Levine North Floors 1-3 Silver
Pending Level
3401 4th Floor CIS & ESE Suite Silver-Gold
LEED Certification

Green Offices at Penn Engineering

Certified Level
Planning | Design | Construction (PDC) 4
Material Science and Engineering (MSE) 3
3401 4th Floor B&C Wings 3
Penn Engineering Budget & Administration 3
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) 3
Penn Institute for Computational Science (PICS) 3
Computing and Educational Services (CETS) 2
Penn Engineering Financial Services (PEFS) 2
Green Office Program

Green Guidelines for Renovations

Certified Level
All Renovations at Penn Engineering Compliance
Green Guidelines for Renovations